Specialty Contact Lenses

Specialty Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great option (but not a total replacement) for eyeglass wearers. With the myriad of contact lenses on the market, Dr. Manalo examines and fits patients with the best lenses available. Depending on the unique characteristics of your eyes, there is a contact lens made for you.

Keep in mind contact lenses require your eyes to be healthy at all times, otherwise contact lenses may not feel right and can lead to complications and in some cases, infection and vision loss. Special eye conditions, such as keratoconus, corneal ectasia and severe dry eye, may require the use of specialty contact lenses. Dr. Manalo can determine and fit the appropriate lens when indicated. Different types of specialty contact lenses include multifocal lenses, hybrid lenses and scleral lenses.

Contact lens options include:

  • Soft contact lenses
  • Daily disposable contact lenses
  • Colored contact lenses
  • Contact lenses for astigmatism (toric)
  • Gas permeable (GP) contact lenses
  • Bifocal/multifocal contact lenses
  • Monovision contact lenses
  • Scleral lenses
  • Hybrid lenses

An annual exam is recommended to ensure the eyes remain healthy and able to continue contact lens wear. Even though your eyes and vision may seem normal, oftentimes conditions may go undetected if a thorough exam is not performed.

Current patients can conveniently order contact lenses through our online e-store.


Ordering your contact lenses online is easy. Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Click on the link below. The link will take you to a different site.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen. If you have never ordered contacts through our online shop, please register as a new patient.
  3. Be sure to fill out all the fields correctly, so we can verify your contact lens prescription. Make sure your shipping address is correct.
  4. Please contact us with any questions (650.244.9744 or contact@eyewearenvy.com).
  5. Please read oubefore placing an order.
  6. If you would like to apply your vision insurance to your contact lens order, please contact us directly and do not order online. Please note, if you are ordering a 6 months or a year supply you may be eligible for a rebate. Contact us if you would like to check your rebate eligibility.

Contact lenses are permitted for return only under the following conditions: 1. If an incorrect product or prescription was ordered by Eyewear Envy Optometry; 2. If the product is defective or expired upon receipt. Opened boxes of contact lenses or contact lens vials are not valid for return (except if defective upon receipt). Incorrect orders placed by the customer may require additional charges for shipping and handling. The manufacturer maintains the final decision on whether or not a product is defective.

Damage in Transit – Shipment Errors: Products damaged in transit or shipped in error may be returned, provided the damage or error is reported to Customer Service within 3 days after receipt of shipment (email customer service at contact@eyewearenvy.com, or call 650.244.9744).

Defective Lenses and Adverse Effect Reporting: Any product associated with a complaint, including adverse events, must be returned in order to comply with FDA regulations. Please contact customer service at 650.244.9744 or email contact@eyewearenvy.com immediately to arrange for the return.

(Valid, non-expired prescription required. All orders will be verified before processing. Prescriptions are only valid for the specific brand prescribed and cannot be altered or used to order another brand or power.)