Guide to Frames & Face Shapes

Use this guide to help determine your face shape before choosing a frame to ensure fit and look. Also be sure to use face size or width measured by your optometrist. Please contact us if you need any further assistance determining size or selecting a frame. When choosing a frame shape you want to find something that looks good and plays up your best features while adding overall balance to your face. Make sure to choose a shape that contrasts your face shape, and a color that flatters your skin tone as well.

Types of face shapes

Square Shaped Face
Choose: oval and round frames

Heart Shaped Face
Choose: narrow, round or oval frames

Oval Shaped Face
Choose: most styles, especially rectangular frames

Oblong Shaped Face
Choose: tall and wide, bolder frames

Round Shaped Face
Choose: rectangular and wide frames

Face Width and Size

Knowing your face width is helpful for selecting an appropriately sized frame. Alternatively, you can refer to the size information on you current frame (see Frame Guide).

Petite, small, narrow:
eye size 50 mm or less

Medium, average:
eye size 50-55 mm

Large, wide:
eye size 55 mm or greater