Guide to Eyewear Care & Maintenance

Proper use and care of eyeglasses can make them last for many years to come. Follow this simple guide of do's and don'ts to extend the life of your eyewear significantly. Follow these tips to get the most from your eyewear.

1. Never wipe your lenses dry. Clean your lenses by first rinsing them with cool to lukewarm water (mild soap optional) or lens spray. Then use a soft, clean, lint-free cotton/microfiber cloth (cleaning cloths can be machine washed in the delicate cycle). Never use tissue, paper towel or any other paper material since it can scratch the lenses. Never use Windex or any other harsh chemical on your lenses, as that can damage the coatings.

2. The frame can also be cleaned by rinsing under cool to lukewarm water. Use a soft, clean, lint-free cotton cloth to wipe it dry.

3. When not wearing your glasses be sure to store them safely in your case to prevent any accidental damage. Always store them with the lenses facing up, as placing them with the lenses down increases the risk of scratches. Never leave your eyewear in extreme cold or hot temperatures, such as on the car dashboard, as this can damage the lens coatings.

4. When taking your eyeglasses on and off, be sure to use both hands. Handling them with just one hand can cause the frame to become misaligned and in some cases, cause damage.

5. Have your eyeglasses adjusted regularly. This includes readjusting the frame if needed, tightening the screws and replacing the nosepads.

6. Never use glue to repair a frame. Always take a broken frame to an optical shop for repair.

7. When using hairspray or other chemicals, remove eyeglasses beforehand to prevent any damage to the lenses.

8. Last but most important, have your eyes examined every one to two years (or as directed by your eye doctor) to ensure your prescription is up to date and your eyes are healthy!

To maintain eyewear properly, be sure to keep cleaning clothes, lens spray and a frame case