The Asian fit or Global fit eyewear market is quickly becoming a new segment in the optical industry. These are frames designed for the unique facial features of Asians with higher cheekbones, a wider and flatter face as well as a less prominent nose. Oakley was one of the first companies to address this need in the Asian-American market where style and comfort are addressed with the uniquely designed fit. We looked into several Oakley Asian fit sunglass models to see if there truly was a difference, what pro's and con's there were and how they compared to some other Asian fit brands. For reference, their Asian fit collection is foundhere.
Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses

The Good News

Oakley, without a doubt, has developed a superior fitting sunwear for the Asian-American market. The lenses are placed higher to allow for the higher Asian cheekbones, the frame is less rounded to not touch the cheeks of the flatter Asian face and the nosepiece is slimmer for better grip on a small nose. Putting these on you will immediately feel the difference compared to the same non-Asian fit model.


  • Superior fit for Asian facial features with the design modifications
  • Oakley quality, these are higher-end athletic eyewear that is durable and snuggly fitting
  • Sporty, futuristic look

The Bad News

Oakley only offers Asian Fit in their athletic styles. The brand is known primarily for sports eyewear but does offer a limited collection of "lifestyle" models just not in Asian fit. So if you are looking for everyday Asian fit sunglasses or eyeglasses then Oakley will not be able to help (i.e. would you wear these to the office or at your yacht club mixer?)
Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses - Straight Jacket Orange/Silver
Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses - Straight Jacket Orange & Silver

The Cons

  • Asian fit is only available in athletic models
  • Prices start at $120 and go up to $600. Most are around $200, a lot for the limited versatility of the style.
  • Limited selection. There are only 20 styles available in men's Asian fit and 16 in women's Asian fit.


Comparing Oakley Asian Fit eyewear to other popular designer Asian Fit brands is really a matter of athletic sunwear versus everyday, fashion styles. Oakley arrived early in the Asian fit market but offers nothing outside the athletics category. Pricewise, Oakley is comparable if not slightly higher but the limited selection and style are the biggest drawback.
Asian Fit Eyewear Brand Comparison
Asian Fit Eyewear Brand Comparison


Oakley is an excellent choice if you are seeking athletic sunwear but other brands offer more in the way of everyday sunglasses as well as eyeglasses.