Our Story

As a life-long eyeglasses wearer, founder Filipino-American Dr. Katherine Manalo, OD knew that most frames sold in America were designed for the facial profile of a Caucasian, thus creating a mismatch for many Asians.  Commonly encountered fit problems included glasses sliding down the nose, fitting too tight, or touching the lashes and cheeks.

She knew she couldn’t be the only one experiencing this problem, so was motivated to find a solution to offer to fellow Asian eye wear-lovers.With the concept in mind, she found several American and Asian manufacturers offering "Asian fit" eye wear, and in July 2011 EyewearEnvy.com went live.  Asian-Americans loved it, and others found this unique fit also works for non-Asians who happen to have similar facial features.  

With so many great customers online, she was naturally led to expansion with an optometry practice around the concept in her hometown, the San Francisco Bay Area.  Being able to let customers try the frames on and feel the difference was a huge advantage.

Eyewear Envy Optometry opened in October 2014 at 951 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, California.  A comprehensive frame collection and complete eye care services are available.  Learn more about our Optometry Practice in South San Francisco.

Eyewear Envy Founder & South San Francisco Optometrist Dr Katherine Manalo

Dr. Manalo

Where we get these wonderful frames

Our team works with both US based niche Asian fit designer brands like TC Charton, as well as importing unique brands from China, Korea and Japan. At our location (not online), we also carry Asian fit styles from popular brands such as Ray-Ban, Coach and Prada.

How our frames are different

Frames designed for Asian fit will feature a flatter front designed to not rest on higher cheek bones, an elevated nose pad for the slimmer, lower nose bridge and larger sizes so as to not pinch the head and temple.  To learn a lot more about Asian fit head over to our About Asian fit.