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Thanks to the exponential reach of Social Media, the Fashion world is evolving into a more accessible art form. Fashion bloggers have undoubtedly contributed to this accessibility. However, out of all the niches in the blogging world, Asian-American fashionistas are taking over the internet with a fierceness we’ve never seen before.

 This year, a few fashion bloggers stand out from all the rest. Check out our full list of 2015 fashion bloggers!

Chriselle Lim (The Chriselle Factor)

Chriselle Lim is the founder of the Chriselle Factor and with well over 516K YouTube subscribers, 371K Facebook fans and 495K Instagram followers, she is literally hotter than Texas in the summertime, while wearing a sweater. Bringing a modern-class, simplistic completely original look to her blog, she is everything a fashion blogger should be!

KTR Style - Asian-American Fashion Blogger

KTR Style

Easily identified by her signature old Hollywood glam style, KTR Style offers up vintage style tips and a massive gallery of puffy skirts and high heels. She has over 64K followers on Instagram, and continues to blow up the fashion-blog-o-sphere.


Jenn Im (Clothes Encounters)

With over 1.5 million followers on YouTube, Jenn Im is by and far one of the most influential Asian-American fashion bloggers trending in 2015. Offering everything from fashion tips to makeup tutorials, Jenn brings spunk and bubbly energy to her massive list of followers. For a close encounter of the fashion kind, check her out on YouTube.


Nini Nguyen (Nini Style)

A deep desire to help women everywhere love their bodies inspires Nini Nguyen to offer up style tips and tricks through her blog. As the voice behind the ever-popular blog Nini Style, she has been featured in Armani, Vanity Fair, and Paper City thanks to her clever style and unapologetic confidence. With over 84K followers on Instagram, she’s got the fan-base to back up her sassy attitude.


Laureen Uy (Break My Style)

Classic sophistication are two words to sum up Laureen Uy from the Break My Style fashion blog. As one of the few bloggers to style Eyewear envy, she’s undoubtedly one of our favorites.. Apparently the world agrees, since she has well over 690K followers on Instagram and 514K on Twitter!  Laureen is wearing Jessie Eyewear Envy Asian fit eyeglasses in the photo above.

Tommy Lei (My Belonging)

Tommy Lei is an inspiration we all can appreciate. His slogan is “Real men wear skirts” and we have to say, he rocks them like no one else. For an original take on male fashion, join the more than 34K followers on Instagram to keep up with his super-hot style.


Hapa Time - Asian American Fashion Blogger

    Jessica Ricks (Hapa Time)

    As yet another fashion blogger to style Eyewear envy, Jessica Ricks from Hapa Time offers up professional style with a twist. Proud of her half Caucasian-half Asian heritage, Jessica inspires us all to love ourselves a little bit more.  Wearing BCBG sunglasses in the photo above.


    Jenny Wu (Good, Bad & Fab)

    Asian fashion blogger based out of LA, Jenny Wu, shows us the good, the bad and the Fab of the latest fashion trends. Jenny is more than just a fashion blogger, she’s a lawyer, warrior and former Amazing Race contestant. She puts the adventure in fashion and we love her for it!  Wearing Jessie Eyewear Envy specs in the photo above.


    Style by Alina- Asian American Fashion Blogger

    Alina Dinh (Style by Alina)

    Alina Dinh is everything a fashion blogger out to be. Spunky, yet sophisticated, Alina is a fashion blogger by accident and boy are we glad she stumbled into the blog-o-sphere! Starting out in the fashion blog world only a year ago, she’s made quite the name for herself with over 16K followers on Instagram already.  BTW, she is sporting a pair of Asian Fit TC Charton Bill sunnies in this photo above.


    Eugenie Grey (Feral Creature)

    One of the more experienced fashion bloggers out there, Eugenie Grey of Feral Creature has all the right stuff! Featured in numerous outlets including Yahoo!, Refinery29 and BuzzFeed, Eugenie isn’t afraid to be herself, and we love her for it! You can follow her on Instagram with over 414K other people and get the skinny on all the latest fashion coming out of LA and NYC.

    Which one of these fashion bloggers is your favorite to follow? If you haven’t yet checked them out, then what are you waiting for! Follow their Instagram, Like them on Facebook and stay ahead of all the rest with the latest fashion from these top-notch bloggers!


    • Posted On June 01, 2016 by Ralph Lewis

      I loved the style of Jessica Ricks. It’s decent and adorable. She is looking elegant. Even, Chriselle is looking beautiful in the midi skirt. Nice post!

      For more info: http://zunera-serena.com/category/how-to-wear-a-midi-skirt/

    • Posted On April 09, 2016 by gina

      I so love Style by Alina

    • Posted On March 28, 2016 by Susy

      Great list, I just book marked 3

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