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A lot of my Asian friends claim they can tell the heritage country of an Asian just by looking at their face.  One friend was offended when someone guessed he was Chinese when he is Japanese!  Think you can tell?

Well it's time to put your Asian facial recognition skills to the test.

We found a graphic artist who compiled hundreds of faces into one for an "average look" of people from different Asian countries.  We have numbered them below and have the following Asian faces:

In the comments, assign the origin country to the numbers 1-10 to see if you can match them up correctly.  Then click the link for the answers.  Don't forget to share on Facebook and good luck!

Match each number to the pair of the male and female Asian faces:

  • Chinese
  • Filipino
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Taiwanese
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai

Asian Faces Chart

Be sure to put your answers in the comments before you peek!

Click to see that correct answers >>

Oh, and if you need eyewear for any type of Asian face - that's sort of our thing.  Learn more about Asian Fit eyeglasses and sunglasses here.


  • Posted On May 23, 2017 by Brittany

    What’s the answers

  • Posted On March 28, 2016 by Jeff

    1. Filipino
    2. Chinese
    3. Japanese
    4. Korean
    5. Thai
    6. Taiwanese
    7. Vietnamese

    Wow, harder than I thought :(

  • Posted On March 26, 2016 by A


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