• Top 10 Asian American Actors and Actresses

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    Asian Americans have given a lot to American culture, especially when it comes to entertainment. Beyond just Asian-themed classics like the Karate Kid to modern films like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hollywood has greatly benefited from the presence of incredible Asian actors and actresses.  While I've seen a number of lists of Asian actors and actresses I really wanted to focus just on Asian-Americans who have broken through the international border and are common names to American TV-junkies and movie-goers.

    So we thought, why not make our own top 10 list for the best and most important Asian American actors and actresses in the history of Hollywood! Check out our selections!

    Ziyi Zhang

    Born in Beijing, China as Zhang Zi-Yi. Ziyi is an actress known for her roles in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon(2000), Hero (2002) and House of Flying Daggers (2004) as well as countless box office hits in Asia.  Ziyi makes our list for her powerful and moving scenes conveying both a soft and respectful Asian personality with the bad-ass attitude of a powerful woman.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0955471/


    Jamie Chung - Asian American Acress

    Jamie Chung

    Raised in California, the daughter of Korean parents, Jamie got her big break on the cast of Real World San Diego. Since then, we’ve seen her on countless TV series’ like Days of Our Lives and Once Upon a Time as well as features in Mulan, Dragonball: Evolution and The Hangover 2 & 3.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1512166/


    George Takai - Top Asian American Actor

      George Takai

      LA born to Japanese immigrants, the original Sulu from Star Trek, George Takai is a gay rights advocate and one of the first Asian-American actors most of us could remember. Since the original Star Trek was released (1966-1969), he starred in every Star Trek movie and has been in countless TV Shows and movies. He is an absolute icon in both gay rights advocacy and in the world of entertainment culture.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001786/


      Margaret Cho - Korean American Actress

          Margaret Cho

          Not only a trailblazer for Korean-American acting and comedy but also for gay rights, she is breaking stereotypes left and right. Standup comedian turned actress, we’ve loved Margaret in long stints on 30 Rock and Drop Dead Diva. Fun fact, did you know her first role was in an episode of Golden Palace, the spinoff of Golden Girls? We highly recommend checking out her work. It’s sure to please.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0158632/


          Jet Li - Top Asian American Actors
          Jet Li

          No list of the top Asian American actors/actresses would be complete without Jet Li. This strong, silent, and leading action film stud is an entertainment icon around the world. Originally from Beijing, China, he started training at the Beijing wushu martial arts academy at age eight and reached the highest levels and medals in China as a teenager. He has been starring in Asian and US action movies since 1982, dominating the early 2000’s and with a recent resurgence in the Expendables.  He’s pretty easy on the eyes too.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001472/


          Sandra Oh - Asian American Top Actress 2016

           Sandra Oh

          Well, maybe Asian-Canadian, Sandra was born to Korean Immigrants outside Ottawa, Canada. It seems like she has gotten more beautiful over the years. From her big break on Grey’s Anatomy over the last 9 seasons, to her most memorable role in Sideways we’ve adored her right from the beginning. She is an incredibly diverse actress, with leading roles that allow her to explore her funny, strong and emotional sides, she sits right in the middle of our list.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0644897/


          Jackie Chan - Asian American Actor

          Jackie Chan

          Ok, last martial arts star we promise. Hong Kong's cheeky, lovable, gravity-defying and best known film star took many years to become an international success. Jackie famously does all of his own stunts and has broken enough bones to prove it.  His Rush Hour trilogy with Chris Tucker made him one of my favorites to watch growing up.  He is beyond unbelievable athletic and has fighting skills I wouldn’t want to mess with. As a bonus, he is absolutely hilarious!  It’s rumored that Rush Hour 4 is currently in production!


          Li Jun Li - Asian-American Actress in Minority Report

          Li Jun Li

          She was born in Shanghai, China and moved to New York City in 1992, by way of Bogotá, Colombia. How exotic is that!? With long runs on Quantico and Minority Report TV Shows as well as starring in movies like Humbling w/ Al Pacino and Ricki & The Flash w/ Meryl Streep, she is really taking Hollywood by storm.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4050835/


          Lucy Liu - Charlies Angels Asian American Actress

          Lucy Liu

          A first generation Chinese-American born to immigrants in Queens, NY, Lucy seems to be the ageless Asian wonder of acting. She got her start back in 1991 and is still on multiple TV series’ today. Probably best known for her role in Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill as Oh-Ren, Lucy has been in at least one episode of nearly every memorable TV show for the last 25 years.  Just to name a few: Improvement, Ally McBeal, NYPD Blue, ER, X-Files, Coach, LA Law, The Simpsons, Ugly Betty and about a dozen more.  When most Americans think of an Asian actress, she is the first name to come up. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005154/


          Asian American Actress - Mindy Kaling
          Mindy Kaling

          At the top of our list, she ruled in The Office for 8 seasons and when that was done, she launched into her own show The Mindy Project now in its fifth season. Cute, loveable, funny and real, Mindy is America’s Asian-American sweetheart. 


          We’re so happy to see real diversity in Hollywood, and thanks to the people on this top 10 list, people around the globe have fallen in love with Asian culture and talents. Every year it seems that more Asians are making their way into entertainment with roles designed for the everyday person, and we hope this is a trend that continues.

            Upset our list doesn’t include your favorite Asian-American actress or actor? Then leave us a message in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you think!


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                      1. Things to Do in South San Francisco

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                        We have called South San Francisco home for the last 2 years after moving from Dallas, Texas and have discovered so many great local places to visit and things to do.  Although South San Francisco is right on the doorstep of all the fun activities in San Francisco, it has plenty of attractions itself.  We want to share some of our favorites that you have to try.

                        Grab Lunch at Little Luca's

                        Little Luca’s has been serving South San Fran since the 1980’s, and offers a wide array of subs, sandwiches and scrumptious goodies for you to munch on. On the outside it doesn't look like much - an old house turned restaurant with no frills picnic tables on the outside but it’s the perfect place for an afternoon snack or a full-on lunch hour. The sandwiches are large enough for two people and only $8.  You know it's good because there is usually a line out the door but well worth the wait.  Check them out! http://bit.ly/1MjOpHm

                        Little Luca's Sandwich Shop - Best Lunch Spot in South San Francisco


                        Stay at the Inn at Oyster Point

                        With close proximity to the airport, Oyster Point provides the perfect place to lay your head while in San Francisco. They have complimentary shuttles and absolutely stunning views of the bay right below. With extensive lawns and walking trails located just outside the Inn, this is a must-stay location for anyone visiting the area.  http://bit.ly/1RvVAyt 

                        Inn at Oyster Point - South San Francisco Best Place to Stay


                        Visit See’s Candies

                        See’s Candies is a sweet delight for any trip. They have been making authentic and homemade candies for decades, and every single time you come to the shop you get a free sample! What’s better than free candies and chocolate? Nothing in our opinion, so be sure and stop by their shop when you head to South San Fran. http://bit.ly/1UzOh98

                        See's Candy Factory Tour - Best Activities in South San Francisco


                        Shop South San Francisco’s Farmer Market

                        Organic everything is all the rage these days, and the South San Francisco’s Farmer’s Market is sure to satisfy your craving for everything that comes out of the ground. Open Saturdays from 10am to 2pm May-November, the market offers arts and crafts in addition to delicious homegrown foods. If you come on the weekend, you’ll want to stop by. http://bit.ly/1S1Rzfm

                        South San Francisco Farmer's Market - Best South Bay Activities


                        Explore Centennial Way Park

                        If you want to catch up on some history while enjoying the great outdoors, then you should put Centennial Way Park on your itinerary.  It's a landmark in a beautifully landscaped setting featuring a bike trail, baseball field and a dog park.  http://bit.ly/1LCjmqg

                        Centennial Way Park South San Francisco


                        Ride the Ferry from Oyster Point to San Francisco

                        San Francisco is all about the bay and embracing the uniqueness of this amazing place. If you want to take in something authentically San Fran, then ride the Ferry from Oyster Point back to San Francisco.  You will see the entire bay and end up at the tourist destination Fisherman's Wharf. http://bit.ly/1jA75BC

                        Oyster Point Ferry South San Francisco - Best Things to Do




                        Get Coffee at Philz

                        New in the neighborhood, but offering killer vibes and amazing coffee, Philz is a quintessential San Francisco coffee shop. Each cup of coffee is brewed to order, and you can customize your coffee blends according to taste. Stop by and soak up the rays on the patio.  Try the Mojito blend with fresh mint (of course non-alcoholic)  http://bit.ly/1UzSGc9

                        Philz Coffee South San Francisco - Best Coffee


                        Hike Signal Hill Park

                        Bring your hiking boots and take in the sights, by hiking Signal Hill Park in South San Francisco. You can even slide down the letters at the top of the hill if you’re adventurous. The hike takes about 30 minutes round trip, so consider that when planning your day.  http://bit.ly/22sRCvy

                        Signal Hill Hike South San Francisco


                        Treat Yourself at Paris Baguette

                        San Francisco is well known for its eclectic cultural vibe. If you want to snag something on the sweet side, then check out the Paris Baguette. Fresh baked French pastries await you at this lovely bakery in South San Francisco.  Find a huge variety of pastries and baked goods in this Paris-Asian inspired modern bake shop. https://www.facebook.com/PBCA0023/

                        Paris Baguette in South San Francisco - Best Bakery


                        Have Drinks at Molloy’s Tavern

                        Located in an old hotel turned tavern, Molloy’s Tavern serves up pints of Guinness and karaoke throughout the week. Old antiques and beautiful décor make it super fun to grab a couple of drinks after a long day of hiking or pastry eating!  This place is right out of Dublin and an absolute institution in South SF.  http://bit.ly/1pYzyYW

                        Molloy's Tavern - Best Bar in South San Francisco


                        Those are our favorites, tell us some of the best place to try to South San Francisco that we should check out.  Just leave your entries in the comments below.  Oh and of course visit us!

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                      2. Asian Faces Quiz - Answers Revealed!

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                        Correct Answers

                        1. Filipino

                        2. Mainland Han Chinese

                        3. Korean

                        4. Japanese

                        5. Taiwanese

                        6. Thai

                        7. Vietnamese

                        Asian Faces Chart

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                      3. Asian Faces Quiz: Can You Tell Asian Ethnicity by Face?

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                        A lot of my Asian friends claim they can tell the heritage country of an Asian just by looking at their face.  One friend was offended when someone guessed he was Chinese when he is Japanese!  Think you can tell?

                        Well it's time to put your Asian facial recognition skills to the test.

                        We found a graphic artist who compiled hundreds of faces into one for an "average look" of people from different Asian countries.  We have numbered them below and have the following Asian faces:

                        In the comments, assign the origin country to the numbers 1-10 to see if you can match them up correctly.  Then click the link for the answers.  Don't forget to share on Facebook and good luck!

                        Match each number to the pair of the male and female Asian faces:

                        • Chinese
                        • Filipino
                        • Japanese
                        • Korean
                        • Taiwanese
                        • Vietnamese
                        • Thai

                        Asian Faces Chart

                        Be sure to put your answers in the comments before you peek!

                        Click to see that correct answers >>

                        Oh, and if you need eyewear for any type of Asian face - that's sort of our thing.  Learn more about Asian Fit eyeglasses and sunglasses here.

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                      4. 2015 Best Asian-American Fashion Bloggers to Follow Right Now

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                        Thanks to the exponential reach of Social Media, the Fashion world is evolving into a more accessible art form. Fashion bloggers have undoubtedly contributed to this accessibility. However, out of all the niches in the blogging world, Asian-American fashionistas are taking over the internet with a fierceness we’ve never seen before.

                         This year, a few fashion bloggers stand out from all the rest. Check out our full list of 2015 fashion bloggers!

                        Chriselle Lim (The Chriselle Factor)

                        Chriselle Lim is the founder of the Chriselle Factor and with well over 516K YouTube subscribers, 371K Facebook fans and 495K Instagram followers, she is literally hotter than Texas in the summertime, while wearing a sweater. Bringing a modern-class, simplistic completely original look to her blog, she is everything a fashion blogger should be!

                        KTR Style - Asian-American Fashion Blogger

                        KTR Style

                        Easily identified by her signature old Hollywood glam style, KTR Style offers up vintage style tips and a massive gallery of puffy skirts and high heels. She has over 64K followers on Instagram, and continues to blow up the fashion-blog-o-sphere.


                        Jenn Im (Clothes Encounters)

                        With over 1.5 million followers on YouTube, Jenn Im is by and far one of the most influential Asian-American fashion bloggers trending in 2015. Offering everything from fashion tips to makeup tutorials, Jenn brings spunk and bubbly energy to her massive list of followers. For a close encounter of the fashion kind, check her out on YouTube.


                        Nini Nguyen (Nini Style)

                        A deep desire to help women everywhere love their bodies inspires Nini Nguyen to offer up style tips and tricks through her blog. As the voice behind the ever-popular blog Nini Style, she has been featured in Armani, Vanity Fair, and Paper City thanks to her clever style and unapologetic confidence. With over 84K followers on Instagram, she’s got the fan-base to back up her sassy attitude.


                        Laureen Uy (Break My Style)

                        Classic sophistication are two words to sum up Laureen Uy from the Break My Style fashion blog. As one of the few bloggers to style Eyewear envy, she’s undoubtedly one of our favorites.. Apparently the world agrees, since she has well over 690K followers on Instagram and 514K on Twitter!  Laureen is wearing Jessie Eyewear Envy Asian fit eyeglasses in the photo above.

                        Tommy Lei (My Belonging)

                        Tommy Lei is an inspiration we all can appreciate. His slogan is “Real men wear skirts” and we have to say, he rocks them like no one else. For an original take on male fashion, join the more than 34K followers on Instagram to keep up with his super-hot style.


                        Hapa Time - Asian American Fashion Blogger

                          Jessica Ricks (Hapa Time)

                          As yet another fashion blogger to style Eyewear envy, Jessica Ricks from Hapa Time offers up professional style with a twist. Proud of her half Caucasian-half Asian heritage, Jessica inspires us all to love ourselves a little bit more.  Wearing BCBG sunglasses in the photo above.


                          Jenny Wu (Good, Bad & Fab)

                          Asian fashion blogger based out of LA, Jenny Wu, shows us the good, the bad and the Fab of the latest fashion trends. Jenny is more than just a fashion blogger, she’s a lawyer, warrior and former Amazing Race contestant. She puts the adventure in fashion and we love her for it!  Wearing Jessie Eyewear Envy specs in the photo above.


                          Style by Alina- Asian American Fashion Blogger

                          Alina Dinh (Style by Alina)

                          Alina Dinh is everything a fashion blogger out to be. Spunky, yet sophisticated, Alina is a fashion blogger by accident and boy are we glad she stumbled into the blog-o-sphere! Starting out in the fashion blog world only a year ago, she’s made quite the name for herself with over 16K followers on Instagram already.  BTW, she is sporting a pair of Asian Fit TC Charton Bill sunnies in this photo above.


                          Eugenie Grey (Feral Creature)

                          One of the more experienced fashion bloggers out there, Eugenie Grey of Feral Creature has all the right stuff! Featured in numerous outlets including Yahoo!, Refinery29 and BuzzFeed, Eugenie isn’t afraid to be herself, and we love her for it! You can follow her on Instagram with over 414K other people and get the skinny on all the latest fashion coming out of LA and NYC.

                          Which one of these fashion bloggers is your favorite to follow? If you haven’t yet checked them out, then what are you waiting for! Follow their Instagram, Like them on Facebook and stay ahead of all the rest with the latest fashion from these top-notch bloggers!

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