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a new concept in opticaleyewear envy

In one Asian-American optometrist's search for a better fitting frame, Eyewear Envy was created as a curated assortment of exclusively Asian fit eyeglasses and sunglasses. Selected to fit the unique features of an Asian face, the collection avoids causing discomfort in cheek-touching, nose-slipping and head-pinching. Our mission is to bring together imported frames from across Asia as well as American made Asian-fit brands.


Maddox - Unisex Asian Fit Eyeglasses McCoy - Unisex Asian Fit Eyeglasses Perfect Number | Press - Unisex Asian Fit Eyeglass Frame
Maddox Eyeglasses
Price: $45.00
McCoy Eyeglasses
Price: $45.00
Seesun 4112 - Unisex Asian Fit Eyeglass Frame Monkey Flip | Braveheart - Men's Asian Fit Black Eyeglass Frame Seesun 4007 - Unisex Asian Fit Eyeglass Frame